The Affairs of Man

41WJ9Z3YM3L__SL500_AA240_One might think that after the terrible flood, things would be different.  One might think that once man tasted the judgment of God, his lifestyle would radically change.  One might think that once Noah emerged from the ark into a world that had been completely devastated because of man’s sinfulness, he and his descendants would totally change their ways.  One would think that if anyone experienced the blunt effects of God’s wrath due to unholy living, he would forever be a new man committed to a new godly way of life.  That is what one might think.

But the truth is, the evil that was in the world prior to the judgment of the flood (which ultimately brought the wrath of God upon the human race) was also in the hearts of those that found shelter inside the ark.  Noah, his sons and their families were sinners.  These were the sole citizens in a new world, but nevertheless they were sons and daughters of Adam; they were sons and daughters a fallen race.  They were sinners in need of God’s grace.

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The Significance of Remembrance

j0385315For months Noah and his family would seemingly be at the mercy of life’s circumstance.  Imagine, being confined, restricted and closed in for months at a time in massive wooden ship.  Noah was drifting day after day having no end in sight.  The sea must have become a lonely place as Noah and his family battled through overwhelming emotions of despair.

It is easy to see how any man may have struggled at such a time as this.  Buried far down in the depths of the sea was a world in ruin; the sobering results of sin.  Noah, although a just man, would have had plenty of time to consider his own sinfulness.  He was a fallen son of Adam like the rest of the world.  Surely his sin was no less offensive to a holy God than any other.  Noah’s doubts, his insecurities and his fears would become his greatest temptation.  The question would become, would God abandon him?  Would God forget him and his family?  Perhaps he wondered if he and his family would simply float like insignificant pieces of trash upon the water.

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The Signs of Our Times

danger thin iceThe signs of Jesus’ return are everywhere.  If we familiarize ourselves with what the Bible has revealed to us concerning the signs of Christ’s return, we come to understand that the coming of Christ is quickly approaching.  We see signs of His return every day.

Paul’s insights concerning these signs of the last days prior to our Lord’s return are significant.  Paul labeled these days as perilous times in which we must turn away.  (I Timothy 3:1-5)  We must turn from the worldly, wicked and faithless things of life and become a faithful generation for our world is a dangerous place in which to live.  No one is safe from harm.

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The Shedding of Blood Speaks

patrioticThis is a weekend that Americans commemorate for it is a weekend that has great significance in our society.  On July 4, 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a free nation was born.  Indeed, it took more than 56 signatures on a page to break tyranny’s hold, it took great sacrifice.  But our countrymen realize that at that moment when our founding fathers signed their names a decision was made.  On that day the people of America were going to go in a new direction.  We set ourselves on a new course in which to travel.  We chose for ourselves a different way in order to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

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How Can We Explain Evil in the World?

How can we explain evil in the world?  As we go through life we experience various forms of suffering.  We can turn on the news and see catastrophic events unfold in living color.  Famines, earthquakes, wars and even genocide is not uncommon in our world.  Evil exists.

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What God Has Put Together, Let No Man Put Asunder

weddingSometimes we forget that marriage is a beautiful thing.  In fact, marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts to man.  But somehow between the sweet wedding kiss upon the pronouncement of being husband and wife and the bitter realities of life that inevitably follow the ceremony, couples can lose heart in their relationship, they can lose appreciation for one another and they can lose sight of what God ultimately intended the institution of marriage to be.

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God Rested from All His Work

In the beginning God created.  In the beginning God performed instantaneous miracles of creation.  God created life on earth.  God created laws on earth; the laws of nature and the laws of man.  Why did God purposely create?  I believe God spoke forth His creation for the ultimate purpose to suffer for our redemption.

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