One More

There are moments we encounter that provoke great questions.  In those moments we seek to assess reality in order to identify what is going on in this world and how the circumstances we are experiencing are going to impact us in our own immediate context as well as life’s trajectory in the days to come.

Every week there seems to be a national tragedy that causes us to shake our heads in disbelief.  Terror has crept in and is creating chaos, instilling fear and dividing humanity into polarized factions all over the world.  The political wrangling expends a ton of energy measured in billions of dollars and 24/7 media coverage, but it only seems to achieve greater division and disappointment.

The struggle of raising a family in this environment is real.  Our society seems to be unraveling, our culture is evolving rapidly (almost morphing into something unrecognizable to us) and the hope of this nation to be the United States of America is ever dwindling.  The hostile rhetoric and increasing violence exposes more than a loss of civility, it reveals that we are a fractured people that is spiraling into great brokenness.

It is in these moments.  We ask questions.  It is in these moments we seek to understand what is going on, but ultimately we search in order to define what we believe to be true.  Truth is what sets us free.  This world says strike a pose, play the game, and pretend everything is fine, but posturing will not fix the wrecked or ruined parts of life.   And although this world continues to undermine what is true, we know that in an ever changing world truth is the only thing that is constant.  Is it any wonder then that Christ gave Himself that name.  He is Truth!  We can believe what is true.  If we are to stand in uncertain times and not be swept away by a shifting worldly current, then stand upon what is true.


Filling Every Space with the Gospel of Christ

Jesus is enough1As young as I can remember, there was this urge inside of me that wanted more from life.  I had this desire that pushed me to want more.  This unrelenting feeling was there when I was a kid fighting for more Christmas presents or a bigger piece of chocolate cake, but I remember it gaining momentum when I was a young teenage boy.  It was this internal impulse that was seemingly always there telling me that I needed more out of life.   So I remember struggling to get my hands on more things.  I strived to enjoy more experiences.  I found myself always seeking to be more accepted.  I wanted to be more accomplished.  I wanted that which I did not have yet, but what was most frustrating to me was that I was not even sure what that was.  I just wanted something more.

Not knowing what I really wanted, was problematic.  I can remember going to my parents seeking their support and guidance, but I found myself not knowing how even to articulate the overwhelming sense that I was not satisfied in life.  I did not want to come off ungrateful for what my parents had provided me.  They had worked hard and have given their children a home that most, frankly, have never known or will ever experience.  Yet, I could not fully explain that which was going on inside of me for I did not fully understand what I was missing.  I just knew though, I needed more.

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