For Such a Time as This

card-frontThere is so much negative in our world these days.

We have seen it so many times before.  Words or actions inflame deeply rooted hostilities and then chaos ensues.  These images create overwhelming anxiety and fuels even greater unrest.  Every night, the headlines are cluttered with violence, insult and corruption.  We are inundated with liberal bias, conservative rants and bleak outlooks which forecast things getting worse before they ever get better.  As a result, we tend to fixate on the disturbing conduct and dysfunctional lifestyle of the few while overlooking or even ignoring the reasonable efforts of the many that seek real peace, liberty and justice for all.

What should be the response of the church?  It is easy to be frustrated by all that we see.  No one likes to see what is happening all around us.  However, the trouble in our world is more than repulsive and repugnant.  The state of our nation is disheartening and terribly sad.  It breaks my heart to see all that I see.

Therefore, the church needs a better response than merely wagging a finger in disapproval at a culture that seems content to wallow in the muck and mire of the world.  Instead, we should be on the front line engaging our culture with the truth of the gospel in the power of His Spirit boldly proclaiming that hope is alive while demonstrating that love works.

Church, it is time we do something about all of this crazy.  Sometimes we are caught up waiting for the movement of God to do something special.  What if we could change our perspective and realized that as “the body of Christ” we are that special movement God.  What would happen in your family, this community and this nation if we properly understood that God has saved us and raised us up for such a time as this?

This Sunday, I plan to roll out a community initiative that will enable our church to be the catalyst of positive change by engaging in random and simple acts of love.  Love is more than an emotion.  Love is action.  Love is being kind.  Love is giving generously.  Love is caring for those in need.  Love works by serving others.  Together we are going to love someone and see just how love works.  Our church has already set the ground work to partner with multiple community organizations and entities in hopes that Fairfield and the surrounding area could once again unite in community by focusing on Christ’s command to love one another.  If there has ever been a time that our world needs real love, it is now.  Join me this Sunday for our fall campaign “Love Works.”  I hope to see you there.